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So addictive

Don't buy unless you're ready to make a regular part of your grocery offer! Seriously, I ordered 6 jars to get free shipping and was worried about going through it before it spoiled... Didn't need to worry-I'm on my third jar in two weeks! Just killer flavor. Makes me actually enjoy raw veggies.


This dressing is delicious on salad and we have also enjoyed it as a sauce on our fish!

Thanks for taking the time to share this Wendy. There are so many uses for our dressings,, that it feels like a rip off to refer to them as 'just' dressings..

Spinach Dip
Wendy Eaton
Yummy Dip

This dip tastes yummy on chips, crackers, or veggies!

Dip. Dip. Hurrah!

Everything Bagel Dip
Myra Sargent

I've been telling everyone about the Everything Bagel dip and giving them a taste. Love it on gluten free bagels!!! Great on baked potatoes.

Now that's what we're talking about Myra. Love the tricked out baked potato idea!

Not the taste experience I was expecting

This was disappointing. I was expecting a better taste experience for the price. It is rather bland. I know that it is healthy. I will definitely try your Japanese dressing. I am hoping that it tastes better.

So happy you're giving the Japanese a try. It may just be a first to have someone describing our Caesar Dressing as bland....

Chipotle dressing

It goes with anything it a awesome secret sauce

Secret Sauce. We love that Tanya....although, we're so happy you're not keeping it a secret!

Japanese Dressing
Mothers Japanese Dressing

I searched for an organic sweet/sour sauce to use in my kale salad.
This dressing is really really good. I tried it on a large green salad with tofu and was in heaven!
It has so many uses. I will be using it on many more dishes.
It definitely doesn't taste like it comes from a bottle. It is so fresh tasting.

I just wish stores where I live carry it. I ordered it online.

Try it!

Joanna, thank you for taking the time to review our Mother Raw Japanese Dressing & Marinade. You nailed it- it's not only a fresh and delicious way to dress your salad, you can marinade ANYTHING with it and even use it as a dip. PS. It won marinade of the year from Mindful Awards! We feel your 'in heaven' vibes!

Favorite Dressing

This is the best dressing for my taste I have ever experienced. It is sweet and tangy without being over powering. The health factor of pure ingredients is an added bonus.

That is music to our ears Kellee. This beauty is not only delicious on a salad, it is a miracle worker over roasted veggies!

Spicy Queso
Ryan Hagar
Love the kick!

I really enjoy this. It's not exactly "queso", but it's unique and excellent with tortilla chips. Perfect amount of spice, as well. You definitely taste the apple cider vinegar, but that's not a problem for me as I enjoy the extra zing it provides.

We love that you love a Zing! Our Queso packs a punch of flavour and we are so happy you 'Love the kick.'. You are our kind of Queso lover Ryan!

Tastes like vinegar

Tasted primarily like vinegar. Tried reaching out to customer service twice to inquire into their return policy, but no reply.

Brenda, we apologize for the delay in our response not your customer service query! Thank you for working with us via email to fully resolve your request. We are glad that you really enjoyed our Dressings and understand that our Dips were not to your personal liking. We're glad to have connected directly with you!

WOW!!! It’s a dream!

I grab a bottle every time I shop at Sprouts. I love Caesar but would never buy it because usually it’s loaded with calories. This dressing is a different story! Guilt free and clean ingredients. (Insert happy dance!)

(insert happy dance!) Thanks for the Caesar luv. We hear this a lot about this little darlin'.


This dressing is amazing! I’ve never tasted anything like it. Clean ingredients, delicious, and a dressing I can eat every day!

One of our favs too. Toss potatoes in it and roast them until crisp and it might just be your favourite way to enjoy the fresh taste of the Mediterranean.

Spicy Queso
Quintyra Puckett

This was a very Nasty Taste.

Would you like to try our Nacho or Original Queso instead? On us of course.

Smoky Chipotle Dressing
Quintyra Puckett

. It was a horrible taste. I cannot describe. I love Chipotle but this Flavor dressing I CAN PASS ON

Sorry to hear it. This is one of our newest dressings and has become a fast favourite of our consumers.

Everything Bagel Dip
Quintyra Puckett
Not a good taste

This has a taste that I cannot describe. I purchased because, I like Everything bagels and thought it would give me that same TASTE, nope not at all.

Thanks for the feedback Quintyra.

Great Taste

The taste was very good a bit watery. It has a nice flavor. I would purchased again.

Glad you liked it and plan to try it again.

Caesar Dressing
Quintyra Puckett
Great Taste

The product was to my liking a bit watery , but the taste is good. I would purchase again.

Original BBQ Sauce
Jane Noonan

The BBQ sauce is great. Will be ordering more.

Well that is music to our ears Jane!

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce
Tangie Letellier

I put this bbq sauce on my fried mushrooms, and it taste amazing. The bbq sauce I every taste.

Spicy Queso
Tangie Letellier

This cheesy sauce taste great on carrots and celery. A great healthy snack.

Ahhh, thanks for the shout-out Tangie!

Smoky Chipotle Dressing
Tangie Letellier
taste great

This dressing taste amazing on salad. You can also eat it on your veggies.

Oh ya Tangie! Give it a try as a dip for French Fries and as a spread on a veggie burger. It won't disappoint!

Poppy Seed Dressing
Terry Simmons
Just awful!

The taste was bitter and nothing like poppyseed dressing. The texture is runny.
Will never buy it again!

Oh no. Sorry it wasn't to your taste Terry.


I love this dressing! I thought that it tastes just like a regular balsamic dressing except much healthier. Definitely will be repurchasing!

Love the purity

I love the salad dressings! I make a lot from scratch because ingredients matter to me. But even super woman needs a day off. The dressings are so great tasting and I feel so good about what I'm putting into my body. My favorite is the balsamic. My daughter uses the Japenese daily. Thank you for such good products

YES! It is so amazing to hear that something as simple as a healthy and delicious salad dressing helps us 'Super Women' catch a break. You deserve a break (or two or three) Lindsey.

The ONLY dressing I use!

I will not eat a salad without Mother Raw dressings. I love the to-go packets. The tahini doubles as a veggie dip for me or veggie sauce. So good!!!!

The ONLY dressing you use? Michele, you made our day/ month/ year!!!