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Japanese Dressing
Elizabeth Calkins
Great tasting dressing

I’ve searched off and on for years for a dressing that tastes like the one at my favorite sushi restaurant and have never found anything quite right and even the ones that I liked had questionable ingredients like soybean oil and also lots of sugar. I’ve tried making it myself too and never quite hit the nail on the head flavor wise. So I honestly wasn’t expecting to like this one either, but decided to give it a try…and it is fabulous. To be clear, it’s not exactly the same as what I get at the sushi place, but it’s a really great dressing to put on my salads at home when I want an Asian dressing and, though it has some sugar in it, it’s not a lot comparatively, plus no bad oils. It also makes a really good broccoli slaw dressing.

Greek Dressing
Loved this

Healthy dressing with healthy ingredients are so hard to find. I LOVE this greek dressing. I put it on much more than just salads.

Not my favorite

Compared to the Everything Bagel I used to get prior to caring about checking labels, its not the taste I was looking for, but it is still good. I just added a bit more everything bagel seasoning to it.

French Onion Dip
Tessa Oljaca
I would also pass

I had to look up this product to see if anyone gave it a positive review because I simply did not believe it was possible. I really wanted to like this brand because of the ingredients and cute label. Please take this one back to the drawing board!

Spinach Dip
Unfortunately another pass from this brand

I tried to give Mother Raw another chance, after having their queso and not being a fan. I thought perhaps it was just that one flavour. However, I just tried this spinach dip and was not impressed. Like another review stated, this was quite bitter and gritty. It didn't have the smoothness and creaminess that I was looking for in a dip. I will not be buying anything else from this brand again.

French Onion Dip
D McDonald
Pass on this!

Terrible. Love that the ingredient is olive oil! But this tasted like ACV mixed with raw strong onions. Pass!

Not what I expected

Let's start with the positive, I like that the ingredients are clean, no artificial flavoring I don't need a guide to look up the ingredients. Low sodium, no sugar, but lacks taste. I was hoping for more of a garlic taste, the vinegar is SUPER overpowering. Tried it twice and both times it just was not it. Willing to try a different flavor, but this one will end up in the community fridge at work.

Thanks for the call-out of our super clean ingredients and healthy nutritional profile. So sorry you found the lemon/apple cider vinegar too strong for your liking.


These are 100% the only dressings I'll ever use again! I just love every single dressing I've tried from this company. I can't even try to pick a favorite..... you won't be disappointed!

Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this lovely review Nikki.

Makes you look forward to eating a salad!

It's impossible to choose a favorite because all of these are so good, have clean ingredients, and make you look forward to eating a salad! BUT, this flavor is at the top of my list. So happy to have stumbled across these dressings. My husband looked at me like I was nuts when he opened our first package of TEN dressings hahaha. I said we needed to try them all! lol!

We're blushing Nikki. Caesar is our #1 dressing!


We bought 9 different flavors and while I loved all of them, this one is my go-to because it's full of flavor and also low sodium. All of these dressing are super amazing!

You get us Nikki. We are all about amazing flavour, without any of the junk. P.S. Give this one a try in a pasta salad!


We bought 9 different flavors and while I loved all of them, this one is my #1! So tasty and healthy. WIN WIN!

Woot Woot. Healthy and tasty is our #goals!


We bought 9 different flavors and while I loved all of them, this one is at the top of my list. Yummy and healthy. WIN WIN!

Awwwww, thanks! Expert Tip- Smokey Chipotle over greens with black beans, corn, tomatoes and avocado is dreamy

Lemon Tahini
Nikki V
My husband's favorite!

We bought like 9 different flavors and while I loved all of them, this one was my husband's favorite. Yummy and healthy. WIN WIN!

He must be one sunny guy because Lemon Tahini is like liquid sunshine (at least that's with we think). Thank you!


I've been eating this dressing for years and it's creamy and big on flavor, I do augment it with some extra EVOO. I love that there's no added sugar and wish they would make more products without sweeteners.

Thank you so much for your love! We do have other varieties that don't contain coconut sugar or maple which are the only 2 items we sometimes add for natural sweetness (1 gram or less generally). Perhaps try Greek, Mediterranean, and Roasted Garlic Caesar. If your local store does not carry these, please ask them about it because if their customers want it, perhaps they will start listing it.

Spinach Dip
Rebecca Green
Sadly Quite Bitter

Maybe we got a bad batch? Was excited to try this brand but neither my husband nor I could eat more than a couple bites. It was super bitter and acidic.


I love all of their dressings. This one is smoky and delicious. Definitely recommend for a taco salad

Dena, you made our day! Chipotle is a gem for sure.

Garlic Aioli Dip
Christina Kim
Amazing Dip

I am on new eating habits and one is reading ingredients on everything that I put in my body. When I accidentally try Mother Raw salad dressing it was not only good ingredients but also tasting was amazing so I decided to try this dip and OMGOODNESS it was so good I purchased every flavor!

Thank you for taking the time to share your admiration for Mother Raw. We are so darn happy to hear from you Christina!

Balsamic Dressing
Kristine Mann
Great flavor

Great flavor but weird texture

Our Balsamic Dressing is naturally sweetened and thickened (just a touch) with the goodness of dates Kristine. We're so glad to hear from you!

Lemon Tahini
Kristine Mann
Gritty and watery. Last batch was better several months ago

Something changed …product texture is gritty/ chalky, and watery

We'll follow up with you directly Kristine. Appreciate the feedback as always!

Everything Bagel Dip
Kimberly Mcdonald
Not the taste I was looking for!

Fist time trying Mother Raw dips out of all the ones I chose out of a few selections at the store I choose the everything bagel not knowing what to expect but was I disappointed the taste is something else I've had it on a bagel and dipped it in peppers so far but the taste is not very good can barely get it down not sure what to do with the dip now and if it will taste good on anything or if I somehow hide the taste in something so it doesn't go to waste!

Sorry to hear this Kimberly. Will message you to follow up.


This has a slight bitter after taste to it.

Glad you liked it. We only use natural ingredients and no refined sugars or weird lab-created ingredients. All natural goodness!

Best Ketchup

This is by far the best ketchup we have tried. It's the only brand we use at home.

That is music to our ears Kellee (love the spelling!). THANK-YOU!

Greek Dressing
Sharlee Crews
Best Dressing!!!!!!!!!

The only dressings I’ll eat. The Greek dressing cannot be beat in flavor and in ingredients. I am obsessed with this company.

Obsessed in a good way!! Thank you for this awesome review. It means a lot to us.

Nacho Queso
Amanda Gilman
Wow! Love this ❤️

So I was a bit nervous trying mother raw, but this queso is so good! We put it on salad, quesadillas and pretty much everything! We love it!

We're so happy you decided to try us! Thank you Amanda.



Ahhhh, thanks for that SA! We appreciate you.