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This has a slight bitter after taste to it.

Glad you liked it. We only use natural ingredients and no refined sugars or weird lab-created ingredients. All natural goodness!

Best Ketchup

This is by far the best ketchup we have tried. It's the only brand we use at home.

That is music to our ears Kellee (love the spelling!). THANK-YOU!

Greek Dressing
Sharlee Crews
Best Dressing!!!!!!!!!

The only dressings I’ll eat. The Greek dressing cannot be beat in flavor and in ingredients. I am obsessed with this company.

Obsessed in a good way!! Thank you for this awesome review. It means a lot to us.

Nacho Queso
Amanda Gilman
Wow! Love this ❤️

So I was a bit nervous trying mother raw, but this queso is so good! We put it on salad, quesadillas and pretty much everything! We love it!

We're so happy you decided to try us! Thank you Amanda.



Ahhhh, thanks for that SA! We appreciate you.

Nacho Queso
Tracy Hill
Nacho Diplicious.

This is the only one I have tried so far. Yummy.. I don’t use it as a dip but mix it with my salad dressing (evoo and vinegar) it adds a thickness to it. absolutely love it.

Love it Tracy. 'Diplicious'. We may need to borrow that one. Thank you!

Great flavor

Nice salad topper

Ahhhh. Thank you!

Great flavor

Nice dipping sauce tastes great

Just an idea, try spreading it on warm bread if you have any left after all the dipping!


Has so much flavor

Sounds like you found this creamy smokey beauty to your liking. We couldn't be happier


Taste is amazing

Thank you. It's for garlic lovers.


Really enjoy this dressing on my Salads! Nice flavor & love that it's Dairy free!

Nice Tami! Dairy free is key, especially when the 'dairy' in most salad dressings is actually from a bunch of weirdly named powders that come from a lab. Icky.

Spicy Queso
Perfect dip

Perfect amount of spiciness. Flavor is hard to describe. It really tastes nothing like queso but it's delicious in its own way. Seems healthy I do not care in the slightest if it actually is. I would put this on a pine cone and chow down but chips, tacos, and hash browns are my go-to's

Well, that's a first Daniel. I'd be worried about the sticky sap from a pinecone, but we hear you on the chip, tacos and hash browns. Much thanks for the love!

My Fav!!!

I’ve tried several of their dressings and I always go back to this one it is definitely my fave and has the best flavor. Love that they use 100% healthy ingredients with NO toxic oils like canola or sunflower bs. So hard to find food without toxic oils. Did you know toxic oils cause inflammation that lead to early cellular death? Thank you Mother Raw for giving a $h!t about health and making quality products! Was also impressed with secure packaging and ice packs. 👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Lorena, you get us so well! That's exactly why we stick to pure EVOO in all of our dressings. We do give a $%*^!


This is hands down best ketchup I’ve had. Savory and delicious and it’s healthiest ketchup ive found which is a bonus. My bf even loved it and he does not typically like healthy versions of things. Will buy this from now on!

That bf of yours is a trooper for trying it and a sweetie for loving it!


Creamy with great flavor! One of my favorite dressings they sell.

Awwww. It is dreamy and creamy and packed with flavour without the crap...imagine that!?

So addictive

Don't buy unless you're ready to make a regular part of your grocery offer! Seriously, I ordered 6 jars to get free shipping and was worried about going through it before it spoiled... Didn't need to worry-I'm on my third jar in two weeks! Just killer flavor. Makes me actually enjoy raw veggies.

That is some impressive love for Mother Raw Queso Kaylie!


This dressing is delicious on salad and we have also enjoyed it as a sauce on our fish!

Thanks for taking the time to share this Wendy. There are so many uses for our dressings,, that it feels like a rip off to refer to them as 'just' dressings..

Spinach Dip
Wendy Eaton
Yummy Dip

This dip tastes yummy on chips, crackers, or veggies!

Dip. Dip. Hurrah!

Everything Bagel Dip
Myra Sargent

I've been telling everyone about the Everything Bagel dip and giving them a taste. Love it on gluten free bagels!!! Great on baked potatoes.

Now that's what we're talking about Myra. Love the tricked out baked potato idea!

Not the taste experience I was expecting

This was disappointing. I was expecting a better taste experience for the price. It is rather bland. I know that it is healthy. I will definitely try your Japanese dressing. I am hoping that it tastes better.

So happy you're giving the Japanese a try. It may just be a first to have someone describing our Caesar Dressing as bland....

Chipotle dressing

It goes with anything it a awesome secret sauce

Secret Sauce. We love that Tanya....although, we're so happy you're not keeping it a secret!

Japanese Dressing
Mothers Japanese Dressing

I searched for an organic sweet/sour sauce to use in my kale salad.
This dressing is really really good. I tried it on a large green salad with tofu and was in heaven!
It has so many uses. I will be using it on many more dishes.
It definitely doesn't taste like it comes from a bottle. It is so fresh tasting.

I just wish stores where I live carry it. I ordered it online.

Try it!

Joanna, thank you for taking the time to review our Mother Raw Japanese Dressing & Marinade. You nailed it- it's not only a fresh and delicious way to dress your salad, you can marinade ANYTHING with it and even use it as a dip. PS. It won marinade of the year from Mindful Awards! We feel your 'in heaven' vibes!

Favorite Dressing

This is the best dressing for my taste I have ever experienced. It is sweet and tangy without being over powering. The health factor of pure ingredients is an added bonus.

That is music to our ears Kellee. This beauty is not only delicious on a salad, it is a miracle worker over roasted veggies!

Spicy Queso
Ryan Hagar
Love the kick!

I really enjoy this. It's not exactly "queso", but it's unique and excellent with tortilla chips. Perfect amount of spice, as well. You definitely taste the apple cider vinegar, but that's not a problem for me as I enjoy the extra zing it provides.

We love that you love a Zing! Our Queso packs a punch of flavour and we are so happy you 'Love the kick.'. You are our kind of Queso lover Ryan!

Tastes like vinegar

Tasted primarily like vinegar. Tried reaching out to customer service twice to inquire into their return policy, but no reply.

Brenda, we apologize for the delay in our response not your customer service query! Thank you for working with us via email to fully resolve your request. We are glad that you really enjoyed our Dressings and understand that our Dips were not to your personal liking. We're glad to have connected directly with you!