Roasted Garlic Caesar Dressing

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This one’s for the garlic lovers. With all the deliciousness of our classic Caesar dressing and the superpowers of roasted garlic, this dressing will have your taste buds dancing! It’s got all of the joy that Caesar brings with none of the dairy, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Try it out for a refreshing change on your next Caesar salad, slather it on a sandwich or toss it in a potato salad. 
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*Cold Pressed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Filtered Water, *Lemon Juice, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, *Hemp Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, *Roasted Minced Garlic, *White Chia Seeds, Gray Sea Salt, *Minced Garlic, *Green Banana Flour, *Black Pepper
May Contain Coconut

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Customer Reviews

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Kiya Gooden
Not what I expected

Let's start with the positive, I like that the ingredients are clean, no artificial flavoring I don't need a guide to look up the ingredients. Low sodium, no sugar, but lacks taste. I was hoping for more of a garlic taste, the vinegar is SUPER overpowering. Tried it twice and both times it just was not it. Willing to try a different flavor, but this one will end up in the community fridge at work.

Thanks for the call-out of our super clean ingredients and healthy nutritional profile. So sorry you found the lemon/apple cider vinegar too strong for your liking.


Really enjoy this dressing on my Salads! Nice flavor & love that it's Dairy free!

Nice Tami! Dairy free is key, especially when the 'dairy' in most salad dressings is actually from a bunch of weirdly named powders that come from a lab. Icky.

Wendy Eaton

This dressing is delicious on salad and we have also enjoyed it as a sauce on our fish!

Thanks for taking the time to share this Wendy. There are so many uses for our dressings,, that it feels like a rip off to refer to them as 'just' dressings..

Quintyra Puckett
Great Taste

The taste was very good a bit watery. It has a nice flavor. I would purchased again.

Glad you liked it and plan to try it again.

Elizabeth Zak
roasted garlic Caesar

This dressing is my favorite out of all of them. I am a raw vegan, and when I occasionally use store bought dressing, I go for this one. The taste is nice and garlicy.

'Nice and garlic' is what we are going for Elizabeth. So happy to hear that you choose us when you go for a store-bought dressing because we use whole real ingredients just like you'd have at home...none of the weird stuff so many store-bought brands use!