Think Outside the Salad

If you’re already a fan of Mother Raw products, we love you for that (and if not, welcome)! You may already know that we make delicious plant-based dressings, dips, and condiments. For those who think our products only have one purpose, think again. We are constantly finding new, innovative and simple ways to use our products and bring plant-based dishes to life so we wanted to share the many other creative ways you can use our products. Get ready to be inspired!

Make it a marinade

Any of our dressings make a great kitchen sidekick. If you are looking to add more flavor but don’t have time to whip up a homemade marinade, why not use your favorite Mother Raw Dressing? Our dressings have all of the ingredients you’d typically use in a marinade already in one convenient bottle – think herbs, spices, olive oil! And a balanced kick of acidity from lemon or apple cider vinegar. Simply grab your favorite dressing, toss it with your choice of base (we love to marinate tofu and cauliflower too), let sit for 30 minutes, and you are ready to go! They’re a simple way to add extra flavor to tofu, tempeh, grilled vegetables, or whatever else you dream of marinating.

We recommend: Mother Raw Greek dressing as the ultimate marinade for veggies, or Mother Raw Japanese dressing for the perfect protein marinade.

Spread the love

Our dips and quesos can double as spreads that take your breads and sandwiches to the next level. From avocado toast to burgers to bagels, layering on one of our dips adds more texture and taste to your favorite flavors.

We recommend: Spread some Mother Raw French Onion Dip onto your toast, top with crushed avocado and chickpeas for a flavorful, protein and fibre rich breakfast!

Dip & dunk

Dips aren’t just for chips and crudites! Flex your creativity and try pairing our dips and queso with other dishes like potato wedges, buffalo cauliflower, or avocado fries. These dips are also great for vegan charcuterie boards!

We recommend: One of our favourite new trends is fry boards. Simply gather different varieties of fries (sweet potato fries, chips, etc.) and assemble on a board with a variety of Mother Raw dips!

Get saucy

Our dressings and dips can also be used as cooking sauces in all kinds of dishes. Simply add them in at the end. Avoid heating them at high heat in the microwave which may cause the olive oil to burn.

We recommend: Stir our queso into pasta or heat it up and pour it over nachos for a cheesy treat. Check out even more great ways to enjoy Mother Raw Queso here.

Dollop or drizzle

A dollop or drizzle of Mother Raw packs a punch of flavor. If you are looking to try a new spin on your classic weeknight dinner, just add a spoonful of your favorite Mother Raw product and watch how it transforms. They’re a great addition to quinoa bowls, pasta, soups, mashed potatoes, pizza… the list goes on!

We recommend: This jazzed up take on a classic vegan mashed potato recipe, or these next-level green beans tossed in our California Fig Dressing. We also love to add a dollop of Mother Raw Ranch Dip to nachos or tacos in place of sour cream.

Our vegan dressings and dips are a great way to make cooking a breeze. No matter what kind of flavor you fancy, we hope these ideas will inspire you to get cooking and experimenting! If you dream up a unique and creative way to use our products, please send us a pic on Instagram or to! We’d love to see it.

Written by: Victoria Ehgoetz 

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