Back to Packed: Fresh Lunch Hacks

It may have been a while since many of us have packed a lunch, so we thought it was a good time to share some fresh inspiration. At Mother Raw, we believe in finding joy in eating, so lunches and snacks are no exception. Check out these back to school lunch hacks. They are useful  whether you’re making your way back to school or the office, or still living the WFH life (or WFB - working from bed… we won’t tell😉).  

Energizing snacks to keep you going 

Fun fact: You don’t need to rely on coffee for that burst of energy! Instead, go for revitalizing snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day, no matter what gets thrown your way. Apples are an easy snack that are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and natural sugars that will give you a boost of energy without the caffeine crash. 

High-protein foods are also a great source of energy. One of our favorite go-to’s is hummus. Packed with protein, fiber, and complex carbs, this deliciously versatile dip or spread is easily portable to enjoy with your favorite veggies or crackers. Check out our Lemon Tahini Hummus with Sumac for a yummy homemade twist. 


Cold lunches don’t have to be boring  

At Mother Raw, all our products are cold-blended to keep our ingredients at their peak nutrition, so you know we believe in the magic of keeping things cold. On the busiest of work or school days, having a lunch you can enjoy straight from the fridge or lunchbox can make all the difference. Our Sesame Soba Noodle Bowl with Mother Raw Japanese Dressing can be made ahead of time in minutes, then enjoyed cold at your convenience - it’s the easiest lunch you never knew you needed. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a delicious no-heat vegan salad like this Southwest Salad with Mother Raw Ranch Dressing. 

Speaking of cold lunches, we sure do love a good bento box as a meal or for snacking (check out this one from our friend @drtarasunshine). The possibilities are endless and you’ll really feel like a kid again eating it. You can mix and match your favorite plant-based snacks and never have the same lunch twice! Plus, our dips and quesos will really take it to the next level with so many versatile ways to enjoy them. You’ll thank us when that 3 o’clock snack attack hits. Chop up some raw veggies, your favorite crackers, chips or bread, a snack-able source of protein and any Mother Raw dip and you’re off to the races! Throw in some fresh or dried fruit as an extra treat - you deserve it.   


Not your average sandwich 

Sandwiches will forever be a lunch classic, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The PB&J of your youth has got nothing on this Italian Tempeh and Pesto Sandwich. We also love this Caesar BLT with Tempeh Bacon recipe for a plant-based take on a long-time favorite. Our delicious vegan dips can be used as spreads to give you endless plant-based sandwich ideas - the boring old mayos and mustards of the world don't come close to these dips 

If you’re willing to think outside the bread, wraps are a super easy and versatile way to go. These Veggie Bulgur Lettuce Wraps can easily be enjoyed hot or cold, so you can make extra for dinner and have the leftovers for lunch! Our Asian Salad Wraps recipe will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them. 


Make-ahead snacks for when you’re on-the-go  

We know that sometimes things can get busy and it can be hard to find time to whip up something to eat. But fuelling your body with Mother Nature’s bounty is important, so we love simple snacks that can be made in advance. This hack may seem obvious but it can really be a game changer! 

Our friends at Earthbound Farm have great pre-cut veggie options for when you are in a hurry. Just grab a veggie tray and pair it with a Mother Raw dip. Some of our favorites are our new Everything Bagel DipSpinach DipRoasted Garlic Dip and Nacho Queso. We love using a mason jar to grab & go: just fill the bottom with your favorite Mother Raw dip, then place your pre-cut veggies standing up in the dip and close the lid. Now you’ve got yummy crudites to go - classy and practical! We also love these Vegan Layered Dip Jars that are quick and easy to make yet unbelievably delish.  


Something sweet for when the cravings hit 

Sometimes we all get hit with that late afternoon sweet tooth craving… but don’t worry, we’ve got a hack for that too. Make a simple sweet snack in advance so you’ll be prepared when that moment comes! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. Two of our favorites are these Maple Fig & Walnut Scones and our No-Bake Lemon Balls. Sweet tooth, satisfied. 

What’s your favorite lunch hack? We want to see what you’ve got. Show us on Instagram at @motherraw! 


Written by: Victoria Ehgoetz 

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