French Onion Dip

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Organic french onion dip has always been the perfect partner to any chip! This delicious creamy dip is a dairy-free option for those craving that classic french onion taste. Full of flavor, and notes of roasted onion that will make you want to dip and dip some more! This dip will pair with any partner magically. From chips to crackers, carrots to cucumbers, you name it! Any way you spin it you can’t go wrong with this french onion dip!   

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Filtered Water, *Virgin Olive Oil, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, *Hemp Seeds, *Coconutpalm Sugar, *Minced Onion, *White Chia Seeds, *Roasted Minced Onion, Gray Sea Salt

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Customer Reviews

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Tessa Oljaca
I would also pass

I had to look up this product to see if anyone gave it a positive review because I simply did not believe it was possible. I really wanted to like this brand because of the ingredients and cute label. Please take this one back to the drawing board!

D McDonald
Pass on this!

Terrible. Love that the ingredient is olive oil! But this tasted like ACV mixed with raw strong onions. Pass!

Brenda H
Tastes like vinegar

Tasted primarily like vinegar. Tried reaching out to customer service twice to inquire into their return policy, but no reply.

Brenda, we apologize for the delay in our response not your customer service query! Thank you for working with us via email to fully resolve your request. We are glad that you really enjoyed our Dressings and understand that our Dips were not to your personal liking. We're glad to have connected directly with you!


I love this dip, it is so good! I love dipping veggies, crackers, and as a spread.

YES! Our dips are perfect for so many things. Glad you love them.

Fairly clean ingredients but doesn't sub for french onion dip

Bought today at Mother's Market as I'd been eyeballing it for awhile, absolutely love french onion dip, & haven't found any other good clean alternative. Spending $6 for a jar of dip you don't know whether you'll like is a bit daunting but took the plunge hoping for a delicious treat. Some reviews have called it inedible and I certainly would not say that. I dipped several veggies and a few potato chips into it to see what might pair best and even tried alone to see what flavors really stand out. Bottom line - meh. Won't be buying again and wish I would have bought the chocolate covered almonds that I was also eyeballing instead. If you're hoping this tastes like real french onion, it doesn't. Think it's the ACV that comes through a little funky. Of course those of us buying a product like this are used to funky foods that we can almost imagine resemble the real thing. Even with our strong sense of adventure, I'm not sure this will be eaten before it expires and I won't buy again. Liked one of the other reviews that suggested putting it into meatloaf. Might look for a recipe that calls for french onion dip and see if I an use it there.

I've sent you a private message- We just updated our recipe for French Onion Dip to make it creamier and consumers are loving it. I would like to see if you got the newest recipe.