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Hail yeah, Caesar. Who knew it could taste this rich and creamy without dairy? Our organic, plant-based Caesar dressing has the perfect balance of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), lemon juice, capers and plenty of minced garlic. Go ahead, put good on good and feel great about it.

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  • Caesar, Avocado, Lettuce Sandwich
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*Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Filtered Water, *Lemon Juice, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, *Hemp Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, *Capers, *Minced Garlic, *White Chia Seeds, Gray Sea Salt, *Black Pepper, *Green Banana Flour
May Contain Coconut

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Customer Reviews

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Nikki V
Makes you look forward to eating a salad!

It's impossible to choose a favorite because all of these are so good, have clean ingredients, and make you look forward to eating a salad! BUT, this flavor is at the top of my list. So happy to have stumbled across these dressings. My husband looked at me like I was nuts when he opened our first package of TEN dressings hahaha. I said we needed to try them all! lol!

We're blushing Nikki. Caesar is our #1 dressing!

Suzanne S.

I've been eating this dressing for years and it's creamy and big on flavor, I do augment it with some extra EVOO. I love that there's no added sugar and wish they would make more products without sweeteners.

Thank you so much for your love! We do have other varieties that don't contain coconut sugar or maple which are the only 2 items we sometimes add for natural sweetness (1 gram or less generally). Perhaps try Greek, Mediterranean, and Roasted Garlic Caesar. If your local store does not carry these, please ask them about it because if their customers want it, perhaps they will start listing it.

Not the taste experience I was expecting

This was disappointing. I was expecting a better taste experience for the price. It is rather bland. I know that it is healthy. I will definitely try your Japanese dressing. I am hoping that it tastes better.

So happy you're giving the Japanese a try. It may just be a first to have someone describing our Caesar Dressing as bland....

Alyssa S
WOW!!! It’s a dream!

I grab a bottle every time I shop at Sprouts. I love Caesar but would never buy it because usually it’s loaded with calories. This dressing is a different story! Guilt free and clean ingredients. (Insert happy dance!)

(insert happy dance!) Thanks for the Caesar luv. We hear this a lot about this little darlin'.

Quintyra Puckett
Great Taste

The product was to my liking a bit watery , but the taste is good. I would purchase again.