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Recipe Japanese Tofu and Rice Burritos

  • Prep

    15 minutes

  • Cook

    30 minutes

  • Serves


Here at Mother Raw we love being in the kitchen. But, let’s be real, we don’t always have time to cook up an extravagant meal. So we have come up with these damn good, freezer friendly burritos that are both delicious and make dinner a breeze. These babies are full of goodness and stuffed with crispy tofu, rice, peppers, and some Mother Raw Japanese Dressing. Just pop them in the oven when your next burrito craving hits!  


Prep Time: 15 minutes 

Cook Time: 30 minutes 

Serves: 4 



350g extra firm tofu (pressed and drained) 

1 tbsp arrowroot flour 

1 tbsp avocado oil 

½ tbsp tamari 

1 cup brown rice 

1 red bell pepper, sliced 

⅓ cup Mother Raw Japanese Dressing 

¼ cup cilantro, chopped 

1 tsp sesame seeds 

4 large whole wheat burrito wraps 



After pressing the tofu to remove excess water, slice into strips and place in a baking dish. Add the arrowroot flour, avocado oil and tamari and toss gently to combine. Let it marinade for 10 minutes. 

Meanwhile, combine the rice and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook according to package directions and set aside. Add the pepper and Mother Raw Japanese Dressing and stir to combine. Season with salt as needed. 

Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat and add a splash of avocado oil. Once hot, add the tofu and cook on both sides for about four to five minutes, until crispy and browned. Remove and set aside. 

Place a wrap on a plate, add the rice mixture, tofu and top with cilantro and sesame seeds. Fold in and wrap securely. 


To seal: heat on a pan with a little oil for a few minutes per side. 

To freeze: wrap in tinfoil tightly and then in a plastic bag or container and store for up to one to two months. 

To reheat: remove from container or plastic bag, heat in the oven from frozen at 400ºF for 15-20 minutes, until completely heated through. 

 We love this easy, make-ahead dish and we hope you do too!