Ketch-up with Our Twist on an Old Favorite

Ahh ketchup. A classic North American favorite adored by people of all ages. We love this tasty condiment but aren’t fans of the refined sugars, over-processing and artificial ingredients that usually come with it. That’s why we made it our mission to create a version that’s free of all the processed junk and bursting with fresh sweet and tangy flavor.  


Our take on a classic 

Mother Raw Ketchup takes you back to a nostalgic time when you had to give that glass bottle a little tap on the bottom to get it flowing. With a base of vine-ripened tomatoes and a homemade date puree, it’s packed with organic ingredients that taste the way they should!  

Holding true to the Mother Raw name, our ketchup is organic, free from artificial ingredients, and always cold-blended. Unlike shelf-stable ketchups, it’s kept in the refrigerator for the ultimate fresh flavor – it's something you can feel good about indulging in!  

No refined sugar in sight  

Refined sugars are highly processed (you may know them as high-fructose corn syrup or simply white table sugar). Like always, Mother Raw steers clear of anything processed, so we use dates, otherwise known as nature’s candy, to naturally sweeten our ketchup.   

Whether you just use a dollop of ketchup or you love to slather it on everything, refined sugar can easily sneak up on you. Dates take our ketchup to the next level with about half the amount of sugar as leading brands and without anything artificial. We keep the sugar to a minimum without compromising on taste, plus you get the added bonus of all those vitamins, minerals and fibre 


We’re all about dates 

Deglet Noor dates are the star of our organic ketchup. They’re sweet and sticky consistency combined with our cold-blending method makes a perfectly balanced ketchup with a tasty twist on those classic flavors.  

Dates don’t only add the perfect amount of sweetness.  These gems also add rich depth of flavor, a perfect texture and the added bonus of vitamins, nutrients and fibre. But ketchup isn’t only about the sweetness, we also love if for its tangy finish. We use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar to round out our ketchup so it’s perfectly balanced.  

Check out our blog post here for all the reasons we love dates! 


A condiment for everyone 

Whether it’s a childhood favorite or just something to always have in the fridge, our organic ketchup is one you can feel good about feeding your family. Dip, spread or slather your favorite eats in it and dig into the awesome power of plants!  

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