Ingredient Spotlight: Dates 

At Mother Raw we believe in consciously crafting our products to be just as healthful and good for the body as they are delicious. And we made no exceptions with our condiments!  

Condiments are a great way to add flavor and saucy texture to food, but they can traditionally add up to a lot of refined sugars and artificial ingredients. That’s why our ketchup and BBQ sauces are sweetened with naturally-sweet dates, without compromising on flavor! 


The all-star ingredient in our condiments 

Out of all the delicious dates out there, we chose Deglet Noor dates as the all-star ingredient in our organic ketchup and BBQ sauces. These sweet, plump and juicy fruits are filled with just the right amount of sweetness that gives our condiments deep flavor with a perfect texture.  



Why dates? 

Deglet Noor dates have a rep for being just the right sweetness to satisfy that sweet tooth. Without overdoing it, they’re rich in natural sugars that still provide that sticky sweetness we love in condiments. Thanks to these dates, our condiments are bursting with flavor, contain less sugar than leadings brands and all without anything artificial! 

They also have a firmer texture than other dates, so when they’re cold-blended with our other plant-powered ingredients, they create the perfect thickness for slathering, globing, or dipping!  


Delicious and Nutritious  

Dates are grown at the top of the date palm tree in hot climates. Though they may be small, they’re loaded with flavor and health benefits: 

  • They’re jam-packed with fibre, playing a key role in helping the body digest and makes you feel fuller longer and more satisfied*
  • They’re among the fruits that contain the most polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that helps protect your body from inflammation*
  • They’re full of vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese and magnesium – because more vitamins and minerals are always a good thing!  


Love at first date 

Our love of dates runs deep and we stand by their delicious flavor and health properties. Curious to see what all the hype is about? Check it them out in our entire line of condiments here!



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