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Recipe Grilled Greek Cauliflower Steaks

  • Prep

    5 minutes

  • Cook

    10 minutes

  • Serves

    2-4 (depending on size of cauliflower)

BBQ season is upon us and this year we want plants to own the grill! Yesterday’s steak dominated grill is getting a makeover with some unique veggie “steaks”. These Greek-inspired cauliflower “steaks” have all the flavors of the Mediterranean that you've been craving. Grilling brings out even more flavor from these Cauliflower steaks. Topped with olives, capers, fresh oregano and thyme, these steaks stand out and are perfect for serving as a main course.  


1 head Cauliflower 

¾ cup Mother Raw Greek Dressing

1 lemon, cut in half through the middle 

½ cup Kalamata Olives (pitted) 

¼ cup Capers 

¼ cup Oregano, torn (fresh) 

4 sprigs Thyme (fresh) chopped, plus more for garnish 


Heat your grill to medium heat. 

Chop your cauliflower into steaks. Remove any large outer leaves, but keep the core intact. To do this, hold the cauliflower with its base on the cutting board. With a sharp knife, start cutting into steak pieces, about 3/4 inch to 1 inch thick.  

Set the cauliflower steaks on a large plate and brush Mother Raw Greek Dressing on one side and season with salt and pepper.  

Place the cauliflower steaks, dressing side down on the grill, brush Mother Raw Greek Dressing on the side facing up and close the lid and sear for four to five minutes, until charred. Place the lemon on the grill. Open the BBQ, and flip the steaks and continue cooking for 4 minutes, until charred and slightly softened.  

Remove and set aside on a large platter.  

Top the steaks with olives, capers, oregano and thyme and add the charred lemons on the side. Drizzle with more Mother Raw Greek Dressing and fresh lemon juice. Enjoy!