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Recipe Beet, Fennel and Citrus Salad with Balsamic

  • Prep

    15 minutes

  • Cook


  • Serves


Spring has spring and we are so ready to enjoy the fresh, vibrant flavors of the season. This is the perfect raw salad to serve during that in-between weather from March to April. Topped with Mother Raw Balsamic Dressing, this dish is our new favorite way to welcome the season! 


1 fennel bulb, sliced thin crosswise on a mandolin  

1 cara cara orange, pith removed, sliced thin 

1 blood orange, pith removed, sliced thin 

3 small beets (orange and red mixed), peeled, sliced thin 

¼ cup Mother Raw Balsamic Dressing  

Fresh mint, for garnish 

Flaky salt, for garnish 


In a medium sized bowl, add the fennel, oranges and beets and toss with the dressing to combine.  

Garnish with mint and flaky salt and enjoy to your heart's content!