Top 10 Vegan Holiday Side Dishes

The holidays are here, and we are excited to spread the magic of a delicious side dish. Sides are one of the best parts of the holidays, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite vegan holiday side dish recipes that are healthy AND comforting and are sure to impress!    


  1. Everything Bagel Crispy Potato Casserole

Potatoes in all forms are always a holiday favorite. Swap out your classic mashed potatoes for this cozy, rich and comforting side dish that features tender potatoes smothered in a thick, creamy cheesy sauce, complete with a mouth-watering crispy edge. It’s pure comfort food at its very best.


  1. Hasselback Honeynut Squash with Sage and Sumac

This Hasselback squash recipe isn't just a deliciously decadent dish, it also makes for a beautifully festive, fancy and enticing centerpiece on the holiday table. The citrusy notes of sumac stuffed inside the warm squash will leave your guests very impressed!


  1. Vegan Caesar Stuffing

Hate to break it to you (not really), but it's time to kiss that age-old stuffing recipe goodbye. We don't mess with the classics, we just elevate them - and our plant-based stuffing recipe will become a new must-have on your holiday dinner menu for years to come. Try kicking your stuffing up a notch by swapping out the traditional broth for some Mother Raw Roasted Garlic Caesar Dressing. You're welcome, in advance!


  1. Smashed Roasted Brussel’s Sprouts

Brussel’s sprouts are a crowd pleaser, and this is one of the easiest holiday recipes to make (and to clean up!) Drizzle the final product with some Mother Raw Creamy Tahini Dressing to add a rich, creamy layer of depth and topped off with a touch of natural sweetness.


  1. Grilled Romaine Roasted Garlic Salad

If you’ve never tried grilled romaine, you and your guests are in for a real treat. Plus, it only takes a few minutes on the grill to get that picture perfect char. Toss on some ready-made Mother Raw Roasted Garlic Dip, freshly toasted bread, ready-made tempeh bacon and our homemade vegan parmesan and you’re good to go!


  1. Smoky Chipotle Cedar-Wrapped Vegetables

The holiday table is not complete without a colorful veggie dish. Cedar wraps infuse tons of flavor into your grilled veggies and the unique presentation adds some sophisticated visuals to your holiday table. This dish is sure to leave guests inspired, plus the cedar wraps are an environmentally friendly alternative to aluminum foil.


  1. Balsamic-Glazed BBQ Veggies

You can never go wrong with a giant tray of grilled veggies! The Mother Raw Balsamic Dressing accentuates the natural flavors and the dates in the dressing add a subtle natural sweetness. It’s so quick and simply delicious that it might even become a side dish staple at your dinner table. Just throw them on the grill and watch the magic happen!


  1. Roasted Root Vegetable and Lentil Salad

This winter salad is a bright and healthy addition to your holiday table. It’s layered with protein-packed lentils, buttery-smooth roasted carrots and parsnips, and topped with perfectly tangy dollops of Mother Raw French Onion Dip.


  1. French Onion Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casseroles are a classic side dish for any occasion. Switch it up with this dairy-free version that’s bursting with the delicious flavors of our Mother Raw French Onion Dip. It’s also sneakily loaded with veggies- who can resist anything baked in a creamy sauce and topped with crispy fried onions?!


  1. French Onion Mashed Potatoes

If you are looking for a dairy-free twist on this classically creamy holiday dish, then look no further. Jazz up your mashed potatoes with Mother Raw French Onion Dip to impress even the toughest mashed potato critic! 

By Leslie Hacker

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