Top 10 Vegan Holiday Hors D’oeuvres

What better way to greet your guests than with some tasty bite-sized vegan holiday appetizers! We’ve curated some of our fave creatively delicious and easily shareable vegan recipes, perfect for holiday entertaining. Here are some ideas to get your taste buds tingling:  


  1. Epic Graze Board

This festive and enticing vegan charcuterie board is loaded with fruits, veggies, nuts, crackers, and makes for the perfect entertaining dish for the holidays. Add some Mother Raw Dips on the side for some flavorful creamy goodness with the perfect touch of acidity. This plant-based graze board is EPIC and can be made in under 30 mins! Check out the full How-To video here.


  1. Vegan Layered Dip Jars

Impress your guests with their very own personal nacho jars! Layer it up with your favorite salsa, black beans and some Mother Raw Vegan Queso. Don’t forget the chips!


  1. Spicy Vegan Sushi

Making sushi at home is not as difficult as you may think and your guests will still be impressed even if it isn’t restaurant-quality! Let us show you step-by-step how to make veggie sushi rolls at home with carrot, cucumber, avocado, or personalize it with your favorite veggie combination instead. Drizzle with our crave-able spicy mayo idea made with the sweet and savory Mother Raw Japanese Dressing.  


  1. Greek Bruschetta with Tofu Feta

If you haven't tried making vegan cheese, this is the perfect recipe for first-timers. Transform your traditional bruschetta with our tofu trick to take your vegan cheese game up a notch. Crumble this uncompromisingly delicious vegan feta cheese on your freshly toasted baguette slices.


  1. BBQ Cauliflower Wings

Add these vegan wings to your holiday spread for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. These crispy and comforting bites are slathered in the sweet and spicy tangy goodness of Mother Raw Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce. Some would compare them to traditional wings, but we think they’re a category all on their own. Bet you can't have just one!


  1. Crispy Tofu Popcorn Chicken

Your guests will be blown away by this plant-based take on a classic favorite! These extra crispy vegan nuggets are made with all the right spices and flavor and are sure to please your taste buds. Pairs perfectly with just about any Mother Raw dressing or dip you have in stock.


  1. Asian Salad Wraps

These salad wraps are healthy and SO easy and quick to make. Loaded with crunchy veggies, avocado, fresh herbs and a double hit of Mother Raw Japanese Dressing & Marinade, these are sure to add a pop of festive color to your holiday recipe menu.


  1. Baked French Onion Dip with Artichoke and Kale

A plant-powered artichoke & kale dip that has you adding only 4 items to your shopping list. Use the creamy, herb loaded Mother Raw French Onion Dip as your base, and add chopped kale & artichoke to create a warm & luxurious dip, perfect for chips, pita or veggies.


  1. Lemony Tahini Hummus with Sumac

What happens when you replace regular tahini in your hummus recipe with Mother Raw Lemon Tahini? A whole lot of tangy deliciousness, that's what! Take it to the next level by adding some festive toppings such as roasted chickpeas, pomegranate seeds, and pine nuts.


  1. Maple Fig Candied Pecans

Kick the store-bought candied pecans to the curb! More often than not, they contain refined sugar - and we're not down for that! This recipe uses pure maple syrup along with Mother Raw California Fig Dressing for that extra kick of flavor.


By Leslie Hacker 

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