The Real Cost of Homemade Dressing


Here at Mother Raw, we love cooking from scratch (as we’re sure you can tell from our delicious recipes!) Experimenting with flavors, textures and new ideas to bring out the best of Mother Earth’s bounty is what Mother Raw is all about. 


We know that many of you turn to homemade salad dressings as an alternative to store bought, and we don’t blame you! Unfortunately most dressings available in the store don’t put the same care or quality ingredients into their dressings as we do.  Like you, we’re conscious of exactly what goes into - and what does not go into - our dressing creations. That’s why we promise to ‘Put Good on GoodTM’. 


While there’s lots to love about homemade dressings, they take time to prepare, you may not have the ingredients on hand, and the cost can definitely add up if you’re buying premium organic ingredients! Besides, a lot of us default to the same old dressing recipe (hello EVOO and Balsamic) and don’t we owe it to our greens to give them the excitement they deserve?  That’s why Mother Raw created 11 dressings made with only natural, high quality ingredients  made without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives! Think of Mother Raw as an easy, convenient, tasty and exciting alternative to homemade.  From Caesar to Japanese, we go you covered. 


Take a look at these things to consider when you’re weighing your dressing options:


Homemade Dressing

Mother Raw Dressing

You do all the work

We do all the work for you!

Can be time consuming

You can spend your time crafting the dish itself - or enjoying time with family!

Can be costly  to buy  organic, premium ingredients

We source the most premium ingredients!

Requires many ingredients on hand

Just one bottle!

Same old recipe every time

Shake it up with our variety of flavor options!

Just a salad dressing

Delicious when doubling as marinades or dipping sauces!

Usually lasts a few days

Lasts about 6 months in the unopened fridge or 30 days after opening!

Dirty more dishes

No extra dishes! 


Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your desire for a healthy, organic, plant-based dressing even if you’re not able to make it yourself (or you just don’t feel like it - no judgement here). Take our newly formulated Ranch dressing, for example. We source only the highest quality premium ingredients, like cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’. It also takes you precisely 0 minutes to make - we’d call that a win!



Stay RAWesome!


Written By: Victoria Ehgoetz

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