Shake it, baby!

You may notice your Mother Raw dressings have separated and thickened in the fridge. Don’t worry, that’s supposed to happen! It's because they're made with natural ingredients and are cold-blended to perfection (not cooked!).  

Our premium but humble ingredients fill each bottle with plant-based goodness and dangerously delicious flavor. We pack each organic dressing with ingredients from our pantry the way you would at home – because shouldn’t your dressing be as healthy as your salad? 

To enjoy your dressing and get that silky smooth pour, just shake it, baby!


Why do I need to shake my dressing? 

The science behind separation  

Apple cider vinegar (or as we call it, ACV) is the natural preservative in each organic dressing and our not-so-secret ingredient to adding rich flavor and color. This raw, unfiltered vinegar is denser than the other ingredients, making it sink to the bottom while the cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil rises to the top, trapping all the herbs and spices. 

This separation is living proof of quality ingredients, and we’re damn proud of it. So when you pull your favorite dressing from the fridge, shake up those awesome plant-based ingredients and feel good about what you’re eating.  

Want to know why we’re crazy about ACV? Check out our post about it here 



The sign of quality

All of our organic dressings and marinades have a base of premium cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (aka EVOO) that thickens when cold. It’s a badge of quality that we wear proudly, and want you to take pride in too when using it in your next meal. 

That EVOO gives each dressing delicious flavor and a velvety-smooth pour that’s the perfect addition to ... anything you’d like! For more info on why we love this super star ingredient, check out our post here. 

Can't wait to dig into your dressing? Run the bottle under warm water for 30 seconds, or leave it on the counter to thin. After that, give it a quick shake and you’re ready for action. Pour away! 

Shake it like no one’s watching 

It’s not a chore to shake your salad dressing. It’s a right. The right to good quality ingredients that gives your dish the respect it deserves. If you’re looking to shake up your day, here are some ways to unleash your enthusiasm about eating more plants.  


Sitting at your desk all day? Take a walk to the fridge, pull out your favorite dressing and give it a shake to get the blood pumping.   

Couldn’t make it to the gym? Put on some dance tunes, take a dressing in each hand and shake it to the beet (beet – get it?).    

Cooking with the kids? Give them each a dressing and tell them to shake it like they just don’t care. Bring them in on the fun and get them excited about healthy food! 


By Hannah Cordi

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