Rethink Ranch

Ranch dressing is the most beloved dressing variety in North America. And for good reason! It’s versatility and creamy texture has got us hooked. Who doesn’t like a generous dollop of Ranch on, well, just about anything. 


But the Ranch dressings on the market have us wanting more. More freshness, more of a ‘real taste, more pronounceable ingredients and less artificial whiteness.   


At Mother Raw we’re always on the lookout for ways to up our game. With a passion for making our products as delicious and flavor-packed as they can be, we set out to make our ranch dressing more crave-able than ever, with the help of feedback from our current fans and supporters. We did it our way! 


We started with the question: What makes Ranch, well...ranch? Could it be the monosodium glutamate (MSG), modified starches, whiteners and shelf-stabilizing emulsifiers that makes it so enticing? Call us crazy but we prefer to bathe our veggies with ingredients that come from nature, not a lab. We think Ranch embodies a creaminess, herb-packed, dippable, crave-able condiment that doesn’t have to be a science experiment but can rely on Mother Earth’s own natural bounty. 


That’s why think it’s time we Rethink Ranch. Here’s what we changed in our newly reformulated Ranch dressing, on shelf now!  


  1. Our newly reformulated Ranch dressing has a new all-star ingredient: Green Banana Flour! Organic Green Banana Flour is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: milled unripe organic green bananas. Read our blog post all about it here. Essentially it adds a decadent creaminess without the need for artificial ingredients like Xantham Gum, Guar Gum or modified starches or allergens like ‘modified milk ingredients’, egg ingredients or buttermilk. We love the newly improved texture because it can be used as a dressing or a dip! 
  2. We up’d the flavor, naturally! In order to amp up that ranchyflavor, we adjusted the ratio of herbs like dill, parsley, black pepper as well as natural flavors like minced garlic and lemon juice. No artificial stuff here! Typical ranch dressings may contain flavor additives such as  MSG, Disodium Inosinate and Disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate. Say that five times fast!  


Our ranch is still:  

  1. Free of the top 8 common allergens 
  2. Made with only cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil  
  3. Plant-based and vegan 
  4. Organic and Non-GMO 
  5. Refrigerated for freshness 
  6. Even more delicious! 


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