Mother Raw Chooses Non-GMO

At Mother Raw, we have an obsession with plants - we embrace them in their raw, real, and imperfect forms with love and admirationThat’s why we choose to formulate all of our products with non-GMO ingredients, and go the extra mile to ensure our products are Non-GMO Project Verified. Yep, our products are made by nature, as nature intended.

What you’ve gotta know about GMOs 

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs as they’re commonly referred to, are any living organisms whose DNA have been manipulated to create a combination of plant, animal, bacteria and virus genes that don’t occur naturally. The aim was that crop yields would increase by creating plants that could better adapt to environmental conditions and that nutritional and dietary needs of consumers would be better met by plants modified to contain nutrients they don’t naturally produce.  

Some of the most commonly genetically modified organisms include: 

  • alfalfa 
  • canola 
  • corn 
  • cotton 
  • papaya 
  • potato 
  • soy 
  • sugar beet 
  • sunflower oil 
  • tomatoes 
  • yellow summer squash 
  • zucchini 

Why we choose non-GMO 

While the intent of genetically modified foods is reasonable, it comes with challenges. A common genetic modification in plants is the ability to resist herbicides, which has led to a fifteenfold increase in herbicide use in the US alone to compensate. The World Health Organization has listed the active ingredient in herbicides as likely to have adverse effects*, and the increased use of herbicides can also lead to increased plant diseases and reduced soil health. Genetically modifying plants may also lead to unintended changes that can affect food safety including changes that may affect the abundance of nutrients in plants 

With the lack of long-term research or scientific agreement on the safety of GMOs, Mother Raw has opted to steer clear of them. Here at Mother Raw, we love Mother Nature, and we try to do as much as we can to protect her and her bounty by choosing non-GMO. 

Mother Raw is Non-GMO Project Product Verified 

Recognize this label?


It means that each of the ingredients that go into our RAWesome products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the verification standards set by the Non-GMO Project. This testing is completed by a third party, so you can be assured that the results are unbiased and transparent. On top of that, Mother Raw is also certified organic and vegan. 

When brands decide to verify their products as non-GMO, they’re ensuring consumers have transparent choice to help preserve and grow a non-GMO food supply, now and into the future! 

You can be confident when choosing Mother Raw products that they are non-GMO, and that we’ve worked hard to keep your food as close to the plants they came from. That’s our promise. 

* Read more about the World Health Organization’s conclusions on herbicides here. 


Author: Tracy On



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