Introducing: Green Banana Flour

At Mother Raw we love experimenting in the kitchen, recreating recipes we find on Pinterest and incorporating new ingredients into our at-home dishes. We get our hands dirty with every trend, from the newest way to cook cauliflower, to innovative ways to use flax seeds. This type of curiosity is what we bring with us to work every day. It’s what fuels our unrelenting desire to make veggies more crave-able and make digging into plant-based eating exciting. We don’t stop until our products are eat-it-straight-from-the-jar delicious.  

This determination is what propelled us to revamp our Ranch dressing to make it creamier and more delicious than ever. Having our fingers on the pulse of what’s new and innovative in the natural products world has led us to discovering a new ingredient that you may have noticed on our Ranch dressing label: Green Banana Flour. It's a proud new addition to our pantry and where credit is due for our Ranch’s richer plant-based creamy texture and smooth finish.  


What is Green Banana Flour anyway? 

Organic Green Banana Flour is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: milled unripe organic green bananas. Of course, you wouldn’t want to eat these whole, but when ground, they make a great swap for traditional flours! 

This insoluble dietary fiber has a load of health benefits, including aiding in digestive health. It’s low in sugar and can be used to replace wheat flour in gluten free products and at-home baking, which makes it a great option for those with allergies or sensitives. You may have spotted this all-star ingredient already in a few food items looking for a plant-based solution to creamy texture like beverages, pasta, puddings, and sauces. We think it’s time green banana flour got it’s time in the spotlight on Mother Raw’s ingredient list! 


Why we love Green Banana Flour 

Green banana flour may be neutral in taste, but it packs a punch: 


It gives our products a creamy consistency, naturally 

When it comes to adding creaminess to our products – Green Banana Flour delivers!  Without the need to use dairy ingredients like buttermilk or ‘modified milk ingredients’ or chemical sounding nasty ingredients, banana flour adds a thick creamy texture to our dressing and dips that will have you coming back for seconds. 


It’s suitable for all  

Like every ingredient in our pantry, Green Banana Flour meets Mother Raw’s high standards. To us, sourcing premium ingredients as close to the plant as possible is of utmost importance. Green Banana flour is suitable for those with sensitivities, allergies and lifestyle choices, and is a particularly favorable ingredient for those following a Paleo or gluten free diet. The Green Banana Flour we use is organic, non-GMO and of course, plant-based.


It’s environment friendly and low-waste.  

As you know Mother Raw uses only environmentally packaging to house all of our products. It’s important to use that we help keep Mother Earth beautiful! The green bananas sourced for our Green Banana Flour are from Peru or Ecuador. Our supplier uses the entire crop of peeled green bananas to make it and none of the bananas are wasted.  


How has Green Banana Flour changed our Ranch dip and dressing? 

It’s 'ranchier’ than ever!  

    Yeah, we just made up that word! But It’s true – the ranch we know and love is meant to be creamy! So, while we say NO to dairy, thickening agents and chemical additives, we say YES to Green Banana Flour because it gives our Ranch that thick and creamy consistency without the junk. That’s a win!  

    The flavor is smoother.  

    We heard your feedback that our current ranch recipe had a bit of a bite! That’s from the unfiltered apple cider vinegar we use for its awesome health benefits and its low pH levels. That’s a science-y term for saying it helps naturally preserves our products. The great news is that Green Banana flour does a steller job at rounding out and balancing the flavor. Ready, set, devour! 



    So next time you’re digging into Mother Raw Ranch dip or dressing, have a look on the label for our newest all-star ingredient, Green Banana Flour! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of our revamped Ranch recipe by leaving a review for our Ranch here 

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    Stay RAWesome 





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