Cold-blended. Never cooked.


Did you know that many dressings are typically heated in the production process, which strips away nutrients from plant-based ingredients? Here at Mother Raw, we believe that your dressing should be as nutrient-packed as your salad. We believe in pouring good on good. This is why we consciously craft our products and don’t tamper with Mother Earth’s goodness. We embrace it. At Mother Raw, we treat our ingredients with respect and appreciate the process that allows us to do so.  

What is Cold-Blending?   

Cold BlendedCold-blending is our way of creating delicious dressings that you’ll be proud to put on your produce. The cold in cold-blending means that our products are NEVER heated or pasteurized during the blending process. 

Simply put, we use a blender that is very similar in technology to the blender you would have in your kitchen (except bigger and more powerful!) Our in-house blender makes sure that our final products have the right look, aroma, texture and taste to elevate any dish. 

Why is Cold-Blending Important to Us?

We believe that cold-blending is the best way (if not the only way) to make a fresh and nutrient- packed dressing. Cold-blending our products allows us to retain the highest amounts of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are naturally found in our whole, plant-based ingredients. We want to keep those star ingredients as close as possible to the way that Mother Earth intended.  
Our dressings are not only good for you, but also good for Mother Earth (we can’t forget about her). By keeping it cold, we keep our sustainability promise to her, you, and to us.  

Our Promise to You

Ever wonder why our dressings need to be refrigerated before and after opening? It’s because no fillers or preservatives are added into the ingredient lineup. We are proud that our products only contain clean and pure ingredients that need to live in the fridge, so you can benefit from the goodness inside each bottle.  

Our promise is to always deliver high-quality ingredients, provided by Mother Earth, and to never tamper with her goods. After all, Mother Earth doesn’t compromise. Neither do we.  


By Gabriella Del Principe


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