A Tribute to our Founder

As Mother Raw continues to grow, we want to take the time to pause and acknowledge the woman who created the foundation of our company – Michelle Kopman.


Michelle started the company as RawFoodz in her home kitchen in 2011, when she saw an opportunity to make dressings and dips that were healthier and a whole lot tastier than what was available in stores.  She was motivated by the very simple question, “Why can’t salad dressing be as healthy as your salad?”. And from that, a business was born.  Michelle was actively involved with the marketin and evolution of the brand up until her premature passing, two years ago on January 29, 2018. 


With a background and training in holistic nutrition, Michelle was ahead of her time, as a food innovator and in her appreciation heralding the benefits of plant-based nutrition. In an interview in 2015, Michelle affirmed “I do what I do because I’m insanely passionate about finding balance in life through nutrition.”  (Yoso, https://www.yoso.ca).  Michelle saw what others were only beginning to see. 


One non-negotiable for Michelle was the ingredients she was willing to use in her products.  Today, we have healthy debate around product development principles, and the merits of sourcing any new ingredients.  New ingredients must fit our basic filters inspired by Michelle, including organic non-GMO, plant based, free from refined sugar, the top 8 allergens, canola & soy oil, and absolutely nothing artificial. 


Michelle loved experimenting and actively sought input from friends and family on her newest food creations.  We do the same today.  We have broadened our Tasting Panel to include 75 volunteer tasters who have guided us through developing ketchup & BBQ sauces sweetened with dates, adding 3 new dressings and making our original recipes even more craveable.  We even had our Mother Raw fans share their vote to help choose our next salad dressing variety!


Michelle was not afraid to ask for help and this energy has spurred our company to work with local universities to create internships for students at Mother Raw and we engage photography students to build our content while offering them the opportunity to build their portfolio. 


Through the successes and tough times, the team at Mother Raw is energized and inspired by Michelle’s unwavering commitment to healthy, nourishing food. Her philosophy is what guides us and strengthens us, and her light will always shine bright in everything we do.


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