2020 Student Photography Contest

This winter our Dietetic Interns, Katie Nieuwhof and Rachana Varghese, challenged students to Mother Raw’s 2nd Photography Contest!

The contest mission was to bring Mother Raw products to life by showcasing them in participant’s 2020 healthy lifestyle routine. The submissions we received were totally RAWesome. This made choosing the top three winners quite difficult. After some tough contemplation, we made our decision. Check out the amazing unique images captured by the talented students below!


1st place: Tuan Phat (Ryan) Tran

"I am currently studying Food and Nutrition at Ryerson University which has provided me with a wide range of amazing opportunities for me to get more involved in the nutrition field. I was intrigued by how different combinations of food flavors and texture can interweave around each other and create such delicate meals, which are not only delightful to the tongue yet are also very nourishing for the body. Likewise, photography became a passion of mine since I started to take pictures of my friends and the landscape in which they absolutely endorsed.

When I found out about Mother Raw's products, I was really astonished by the concept of Mother Raw - organic, plant-based products yet still nutritious and affordable for the consumers. Therefore, the moment that I was holding the bottle of Caesar dressing, it was like I was holding a trophy. Thank you guys once again! I really appreciate it!"


2nd place: Christine Trinh

"My passion for nutrition and whole foods stems from my enthusiasm for how food and nutrition can change our body and mental state in powerful ways. As for photography, my dad has been a huge inspiration. When I was young we would travel a lot and he taught me how to use my camera to capture beautiful shots. We would take pictures of everything: nature, people, food, everything! My dad and photography has really taught me to appreciate the 'right here and now.' Photography reminds me to slow down and enjoy life moments as they happen.

For these shots, I was inspired by the natural ingredients that Mother Raw products use. I tried to aim for a colorful, fresh and light look in all my shots."


3rd place: Jenn Baswick


"I am currently in the MHSc Nutrition Communication program at Ryerson University and absolutely love it! I fell in love with nutrition years ago and believe that it is a key component for the health and happiness of everyone. My interest in photography comes from my creative side. I have always loved creating art and I love that I can combine my passions for nutrition and creativity together in the form of food photography. My photos' inspiration was that I wanted to combine the Japanese flavors in the dressing with one of my personal favorite dishes, a stir fry. I really wanted to convey a story and incorporate life into my photo by including the toppings and chopsticks in my photo. Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners for the contest!"


We’d like to give a big congratulations to the winners and thank all of those who participated! Keep your eye out for more photo features on our Instagram page ☺

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