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Meet Kristi, CEO

Kristi Knowles is the Chief Executive Officer of Reunions Foods Inc., proud makers of Mother Raw, a brand of unbelievably delicious products that are plant-based, organic and free of the top 8 common allergens.


Kristi is proud to lead the talented team responsible for the rapid growth of Mother Raw; a team who share the belief that helping people eat more plants makes both good sense and good business. With more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive with S&P 500 companies including Unilever, Campbell’s and Molson Coors, Kristi is known for building brands by defining and executing insightful business strategies that drive business success and is excited to be at the helm of a start-up, positioned for signficiant growth.


As CEO of Mother Raw, leading the strategic direction, building the team and culture, and designing the brand fulfills a desire for Kristi to unite her years of business experience with her dedication to personal wellness and to bringing momentum to wellness-related initiatives.


In 2018, Kristi’s lifelong passion for health and wellness, combined with a commitment to help promote healthier relationships with food, attracted the seasoned business executive and busy wife and mom to join Reunion Foods. The opportunity to apply her business expertise and personal passion to a purpose driven, health oriented brand, aligns with her commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle and to having a positive impact through her work.   Many ideas for Mother Raw have been developed on skiing or hiking adventures, some as far away as the mountains of Peru!  She is also proud  to share her time and expertise as an Advisory Board member with The Heart and Stroke Foundation and many community-based activities. 


About Mother Raw

Mother Raw caters to ingredient-conscious eaters looking for delicious products that rival home made, and are organic, plant-powered and packed with goodness. Mother Raw dressings, dips, quesos and condiments are made in their own facility in Toronto, Canada, and can be found in grocery stores across Canada and the US, and online at


Mother Raw was originallyestablished in 2011 as RawFoodz and was acquired by Reunion Foods Inc. in 2016 with the goal to increase production and bring the company’s products to more food lovers across North America. Kristi took the helm in early 2018 to create the Mother Raw brand and develop the products for debut across North America.  Reunion Foods was started by members of the former executive team of a successful North American food producer who reunited to invest and run a company in the growing plant-based space.


More information about Kristi, Reunion Foods and Mother Raw is available at and LinkedIn.


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