A Note From Our CEO

Here at Mother Raw we are honored to be part of the enormous network that is continuing to rise to the challenge of supplying food through these tumultuous and uncertain times. We are proud to continue to service our communities alongside the farmers, truck drivers, warehouse teams, ingredient suppliers, retailers and their front-line teams and other food manufacturers. We are truly all in this together. 


At Mother Raw are taking the extra steps to ensure that our team, who we consider family, feels safe, valued and cared for, today and every day. I am particularly thankful to our production staff who continue to work hard towards our mission, with smiles on their faces, even in the most challenging of times.


Our team continues to adhere to significant safety measures to do our part in flattening the curve and is providing ongoing support to ensure the well-being and safety of our people and our products. With steps like these, I am confident that Mother Raw products will continue to be readily available for our on-line store and for retailers across North America. We are committed to keeping the shelves and your fridges stocked. Here are some additional measures we are taking:


  • We are providing “thank-you” pay increases to our manufacturing employees who continue to come to work everyday to meet our demand.
  • We have arranged alternate transportation to our employees who normally take public transit.  We are also offering grocery delivery to our offices so they can avoid grocery store trips.
  • All office colleagues are set up comfortably to work from home and continue to pour boundless energy into everything they do, including responding to queries and keeping in touch with our consumers and retailers.
  • When needed, we are pitching in to help each other out regardless of the job to be done
  • We are holding virtual team meetings and connect often. When checking in with “How are you?”, we deeply mean it.
  • Mother Raw donated to two local food charities to support the steadily growing need


Cooperation has never been more vital to the outcomes we face and compassion towards one another has never been more necessary.  Now is the time to take collective action for the good of the many. Please be mindful of your extended community, especially our elderly and our immune compromised friends and family.  


Stay well and stay RAWsome.

Kristi Knowles,

Mother Raw CEO


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